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What does it cost to be a featured agent?
The only cost is $29 for a featured city listing or $79 for a featured state listing.  
You will be featured for life!  We do not charge any additional fees.  
*Featured agents also get 3 regular cities for lifetime included!  

What are the benefits of being featured vs a regular membership?
Being featured puts you at the top of the page for life.  Featured agents also get an oversized profile that really stands out.  Being a featured agent gives you the best possible exposure, and is an incredible value!

What if I am already a member of
If you are an existing member, and decide to go featured, we will give you 3 more areas (in addition to what you currently have) and extend your membership for all of your areas to lifetime!  Your only cost will be for being featured!

How many featured agents will there be?
Each state and city page is limited to 2 featured agents. Grab your spots before they are gone forever!

How many cities or states can I be featured under?
As many as you want. You also get 3 additional areas (lifetime listings) included with your featured listings! 

How do I know if a city or state is available for a featured listing?
If the featured box is empty on a state or city page, it's available.  If you want to double-check, just send us an email for confirmation.

How does the program work?
You Sign Up, fill out your profile and pay for being featured.  We put you on the site with links to your website and email address. We also publish your comments about yourself (which you write in your profile) including areas you service etc. Buyers and sellers will see your profile listed under the cities or communities they are searching for. Prospects will then CONTACT YOU (via your website or email).  

How do I connect with prospects?
All prospects will contact you directly. That is the idea behind our site (

How do buyers & sellers find the website (and me)?
Take a look at where we advertise  (and where buyers and sellers could find YOU)

NEW!  To bring more buyers and sellers to the site, we are now advertising our website (and our members) on ActiveRain, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace! has also purchased PPC (sponsored listings) in Google, AOL, Netscape, Earthlink, CompuServe,,  ATT&T Worldnet, Ask, About, Lycos, The New York Times, InfoSpace, Reed Business, HowStuffWorks,, Food, HGTV, Miami and more for literally thousands of real estate related keywords!  We are determined to be the best 
(and least expensive) REALTOR® referral Site and agent directory on the Internet!

Does screen prospects?
We do not screen prospects. Our site is an open format that allows buyers and sellers to contact you directly. There are very few referral sites that allow prospects to do this. Feedback from buyers and sellers show that they really like our format!

How many prospect leads can I expect to receive?
It will vary, depending on the popularity of the location you service. Prospects will contact you if they are serious about buying or selling. Our site will tend to deliver fewer "bogus" leads than other referral sites since they are making the effort to contact you! You will probably receive fewer "leads" from than most sites that force prospects to fill out forms, but it's not about the quantity of leads, but the quality that counts!!  If we can generate even a few extra sales for you, then we’ve done our job! 

 I don’t see the cities or communities listed on the site that I service. Why?
What we do as far as adding cities and communities to is simple. When you signup and fill out your profile, you will choose the areas (cities or communities) that you want to be listed under.  *If any of your choices do not exist on our site, we will create new links for you!  
We are building our city/community links as agents sign up. This keeps the site less cluttered, without needless links to areas not covered by an agent. This also allows agents to create a link to a community or neighborhood name that is unique for their area. For example, you may want to be listed under a subdivision name or nickname for a certain area that is not a regular city name. This allows you to do that!

Can I make changes or updates to my profile?
Yes, anytime you want. We never charge anything additional! At the present time, we are inputting all profiles and changes by hand. We will notify our members when they can login and make changes without contacting us.  To make changes, go to Member Changes

Can I put a link on my website to
Absolutely, we encourage it! We are building a page on dedicated to linking to our member’s sites only. This will increase both of our link popularity which helps immensely with search engine rankings. To set this up, just go to:  Link Partners

Where do Featured Agents send their photos?
E-mail your photo to:

Only $49 Annually!
Only $49 Annually!
NEW!  Featured listings are now lifetime! Grab your state and city featured spots before they are gone forever!